Used to access primitive values from application resources. Currently supports integers, booleans and dimension values

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Accessing an integer resource

Using the integerResource function, a single integer resource can be accessed.

<integer name="some_integer">5</integer>

repeat(integerResource(id = R.integer.some_integer)) {
    Text(text = it.toString())

Accessing an integer array resource

Using the integerArrayResource function, an array of strings can be accessed.

<integer-array name="some_integer_array">

integerArrayResource(id = R.array.some_integer_array).forEach {
    Text(text = it.toString(),
        modifier = Modifier.padding(16.dp))

Accessing a boolean resource

Using the booleanResource function, a single integer resource can be accessed.

<bool name="is_feature_enabled">true</bool>

Text(text = "Is enabled: ${booleanResource(id = R.bool.is_feature_enabled)}",
    modifier = Modifier.padding(16.dp))

Accessing a dimension resource

Using the dimensionResource function, a single dimension resource can be accessed.

<dimen name="padding">16dp</dimen>

Text(text = "Adding some padding",
    modifier = Modifier.padding(dimensionResource(id = R.dimen.padding)))